Maelstrom Filter

$328.90 (incl. $29.90 GST)

The most advanced filter we’ve ever made, Maelstrom sets a new standard in pre-tank rainwater filtering.

Filter particles and sediments down to 180 microns, keep mosquitoes out of your tank and improve your water catchment efficiency at high flow rates (up to 96% at 36,000 litres/9,510 gallons an hour) – all in one.

Product Description

Insist on cleaner rainwater and more of it

Maelstrom filters particles 5 times finer than other pre-tank filters. The primary 2,000 micron screen filters and flushes out larger debris, while the 180 micron sleeve filters even finer debris. This gives you better quality water and lowers the volume of sediment putting pressure on your tank pumps and post-tank filters.

Maelstrom also eliminates the problem of water splashing off your tank inlet screen at high flow rates. Its phenomenal water catchment efficiency (up to 96% at 36,000 litres/9,510 gallons an hour) gives you more water, faster, so you can take full advantage of every raindrop and lower your risk of running out.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 520 x 350 x 520 mm