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Taking pre-tank rainwater filtering to new levels

Raising the bar for rainwater filtering

The most advanced filter we’ve ever made, Maelstrom sets a new standard in pre-tank rainwater filtering.

International patent pending



Maelstrom’s ultra-fine 180 micron filter removes particles 5 times smaller than standard rain heads and tank screens.


Even at rapid flow rates of 36,000 litres (9,510gal) per hour, Maelstrom delivers up to 96% water catchment efficiency.


Efficiently filtering multiple lines at a single point is a simple way to keep tanks filled to the max.

How it works.

Rainwater from the gutters flows into the
U-shaped filter.

The first 2mm (0.08") filter (A) diverts
leaves and larger debris and the second,
ultra-fine 180micron filter (B) stops even
finer particles.

During major rain events, overflow helps
flush-out leaves and debris.

A final 0.955mm (0.04") screen prevents
mosquitoes entering tanks to breed.

The filtered water is funnelled through
the base into the tank.

Maelstrom - How it Works

Installation Types

Tank Top


Wall Mounted

Stormwater Pit

Suitable for just about anywhere.


Remote areas
& farmsteads

& local retail

& universities

Sustainable living
& green buildings


Tackle the big issues

Efficiently filtering multiple lines at a single point is a simple way to keep your tank filled to the max.

  • Have enough water.
  • Filter leaves and debris
  • Remove suspended particles
  • Secure the tank to keep out pests (including mosquitoes) and sunlight (to prevent algae growth)
  • Maintain with ease

Easy install on systems new & old

Multiple installation options make it easier to choose a configuration that suits your rain harvesting system.

  • Tank Top
  • In-Tank
  • In-Ground
  • Wall Mounted

Insist on cleaner rainwater and more of it.

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Tech Talk

  • Primary Filter

    2mm (0.08″) Aperture, Polypropylene

  • Secondary Filter

    0.18mm (180μm) Aperture, Nylon

  • Mosquito-Proof Screen

    0.955mm (0.04″) Aperture, SS316

  • Inlet & Outlet Pipe Size

    DN100 (110mm OD) / 4″ OD

  • Coupling

    Flexible, EPDM

  • Body & Base Plate

    ABS, Polypropylene

  • Performance Data

  • Water Catchment Efficiency @ 5L (1.32gal) / second*


  • Water Catchment Efficiency @ 10L (2.64gal) / second*


  • *For wet/charged system configuration with clean water flow